Cartón Corrugado

What is corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is made from paper made from virgin or recycled cellulose fibers. It is made up of a combination of two sheets of paper called "plies" glued to a sheet of corrugated cardboard . These three layers of paper are assembled in such a way that they provide a better overall structure than each separate layer. This ingenious construction forms a series of arched arches, which are connected to each other and are well known for their ability to support heavy weights. This structure gives corrugated cardboard great rigidity and resistance to wear due to its strength. The air circulating in the flutes also serves as an insulator, providing excellent thermal insulation and protection against temperature fluctuations. This is what makes corrugated cardboard a renewable and sustainable natural resource. There are many different types of corrugated board, each with different grooves and profiles in different sizes and profiles, offering many possibilities. combinations designed to create packaging with different characteristics and benefits. Corrugated cardboard is cut and folded into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes to become corrugated packaging in addition to being a high-performance packaging material designed to package , protect and ship products. In the following images we see the difference between corrugated cardboard and corrugated cardboard. The corrugated board is formed with a layer of corrugated cardboard plus two external layers of paper, which is what gives it its extraordinary rigidity :
corrugated cardboard roll Detail: Roll of corrugated cardboard. Simple layer of paper with waves.
corrugated cardboard sheet Corrugated Cardboard Detail: 3 layers are observed, two sheets of paper and one of corrugated cardboard in the middle
It is currently increasing its manufacturing volume due to the increase in demand for shipping boxes from online stores.
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