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Homemade Halloween Pumpkin: how to make it step by step

Have you never seen a square pumpkin ? Wait, we'll show it to you and you can do it yourself. Today we dare to decorate a homemade pumpkin cardboard box for Halloween. Halloween is approaching and you may have a party at home, or you may want to do some activity with the children related to the theme. The fact is that we know the versatility of cardboard boxes and all their lives and since our boxes are all-terrain, they also adapt to the scariest party of the year. MATERIALS :
  • Carton box
  • orange vinyl
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Scotch tape
  • crepe paper
  • Marker or pencil

Follow our simple step-by-step guide below.


Assemble the box with the seal. It is not necessary to put too much, closing the flaps on both sides with a band will be enough. 01-homemade-pumpkin-halloween


Glue the vinyl starting from the back so that the imperfections and cuts are on that side and try to leave the front as clean and uniform as we can, since this will be the most visible part of our "Cajalloween". 02-homemade-pumpkin-halloween


When you finish the sides, cut out the vinyl with the measurements of the box lid and stick it on. 03-homemade-pumpkin-halloween

Step 4:

Trace the drawing of the eyes, nose and mouth that you want your scary pumpkin to have. 05-homemade-pumpkin-halloween


Use the cutter to cut out the above. If you do it with children, be very careful! It is better that you are in charge of this part. 06-homemade-pumpkin-halloween


Cut a hole in the back to put a flashlight in and use it to decorate or play. With the same vinyl, make a kind of hinge between the box and the rest of the cardboard that we have cut, so it can be opened so that the flashlight can enter and closed so that the light does not escape, as many times as you want. 04-homemade-pumpkin-halloween


With the crepe paper, cut a wide fold, about a meter long, fold it in two and shape it as desired to make the tail of the pumpkin, which you can also glue to the cardboard box with the remaining vinyl. 07-homemade-pumpkin-halloween


Decorate it however you like with scary motifs: bats, witches, ghosts, etc. 08-homemade-pumpkin-halloween And we already have this super terrifying pumpkin for the Halloween party. Do you dare to have a good time? Happy Halloween! Homemade Halloween pumpkin
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