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Playing with moving (when you have children)

We put ourselves in a situation:

First morning we spent in our new destination and it's time to unpack . After not having slept very well in this new residence that must be converted into a Home , having woken up every hour wondering where you are, you get up before anyone else so you can have a quiet coffee, which recharges those low battery batteries well and get down to business. the work
Cup of coffee

The house is calm and you can do everything. You start in the room furthest from the sleeping Beauties and close all the doors between you and them. You take the closest box you have and begin to unpack with the utmost care, but it is in vain, on the third plate that you remove the bubble wrap, the living room door opens and behind the sofa you hear that daily phrase from a sleepy little voice : "-a glass of milk, please." There are two options , after that voluntary glass of milk and that almost obligatory toast: take out the invisibility blankets and throw them over the thousands of cardboard boxes that populate this house until nightfall, when the spell ends with the children in bed and put yourself back together, or try to combine children - family - moving moment - chaos - order - tranquility - colorín colorado. We would love the first option, but since we don't have those types of blankets, let's see how we can fit in with the second.

moving family

Look around you and bring out your super power of Resource Management and Recycling that every parent has inside. Think positively and don't focus on the clutter, the work that remains to be done and the full moving boxes that need to be emptied. Those cardboard boxes that stare at you have to be emptied and who can use them better than your children? You will also see some packing material here or there, which can be a treasure for children.

What can you do with all this?

We are not going to ask you to make filigrees and assemble the cutest little kitchen of the year, because it is not the time for the most elaborate cardboard box crafts, you will have time when everything is perfect to make cardboard toys for children. For a day like this, we give you several quick and easy proposals to keep the children more than entertained , encouraging their imagination, creativity, plastic, motor, cognitive skills... come on! A cardboard box gives a lot and you have to know how to take advantage of it! and since our boxes are the strongest on the market, they ensure a long life of play. These are the options we propose:


As simple as giving them some colored pencils , a simple pencil or the same permanent marker that we use to label the packages and any boxes that are already empty. They love to color on a new medium, which is different from what they are used to, like the typical A4 sheet. They can draw it on the outside , get inside and paint here, we can direct them and ask them to paint something or let them draw freely and see what they don't surprise with. We can also cut one side and leave it flat and spread on the ground. They love!

Crush bubbles

That's what bubble wrap has, that when you have it in your hand you can't help but break a few bubbles . If it happens to you, imagine how much fun it can be for them. They can stay like this for a while, and if there are several children, you can have a contest to see who breaks the most first, having given each one a piece of more or less the same size.

Imagine what it is

Play to imagine what the box could be . In turns, each person says what they imagine the box could be. The child can play alone, with siblings or with you, while you put order. A car, a rocket, a helmet...!live the imagination!

cardboard car

Car made with a cardboard box and a marker

Fold the flaps inward and paint four wheels on the sides of the box; For the child it will not be a box, it will be the coolest car in the world, with all the loudest and brightest special effects that a battery-powered toy car can provide.

Cardboard Kitchen

Cardboard kitchen made from a box
Turn a box over and paint the stoves you want, with the buttons on one side. They may surprise you by preparing the dishes they like most from the school cafeteria: breaded steaks, potato omelettes, mashed potatoes or even broccoli: in this kitchen, any ingredient becomes a delicacy for the tired parents who are moving

. Closet or giant boxes are perfect for building your house. They will greet you from afar with a big smile showing you their lair.

cardboard train

With several boxes , which can be of different sizes, placing one in front of the other and with as many wagons as you want , you build the most traveling little train that could exist. If you hear a chu-chuuuuuu! I'm sure it's already occurred to them on their own.


When we have emptied enough boxes , we can suggest that they make constructions , as if they were wooden blocks or Lego bricks, in giant size: megabricks to build buildings, doors, tables...

Worms and dice

bag-worms-pelaspan-filling-and-protection With the worms and dice that have fulfilled their function, we can tell them to paint them with markers or play on a dark surface to build shapes, drawings, etc.

The tornado

. The child or children are tornadoes that devastate everything in their path . They circle around themselves and make wind sounds while collecting everything they see. These are some of the thousands of things you can do so that children play with the move and are not mere spectators of what surrounds them.
And do you have any more ideas that could help us?
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