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How to seal a cardboard box perfectly (support more weight)


Many times we load the cardboard boxes with more weight than recommended and this can cause the cardboard to break when trying to lift them for transport and hinder or make the transport task difficult. But avoiding these situations is as easy as having the following simple materials:

Steps to follow:

  1. Face down : We turn the box upside down to apply the seal on the base.
  2. Flaps : We fold the flaps, the interior ones first (these are usually the ones that go on the side of the handles of the box structure) and the exterior ones next.
  3. Flag : We apply the packing tape in the shape of a spider web or star, beginning to apply the tape along the 2 exterior flaps and creating a network that intersects various strips of sealing to reinforce the structure.
  4. We seal : We make sure that the seal is perfectly stuck, to do this we will go over the entire surface of the tape with our hands so that there is no air between it and the surface of the cardboard
  5. Closing : We turn the box over and put it face up, we put all our objects to be stored inside it, and we label it before closing (in case we have forgotten to put something away)
The trick is to make a kind of mesh like a spider web; This design that arachnids use to catch their prey is also the most efficient to keep the structure of the box together and so that it can support the weight that we add to it, since it distributes and doses the tension better. But to ensure perfect and smooth transport, the secret goes beyond good sealing: a good base material is needed and, for this, Telecajas offers the best cardboard boxes to keep our precious objects safe.


How to seal a cardboard box Infographic with steps to follow to seal a perfect cardboard box
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