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9 Uses of Bubble Wrap: Features you didn't know about.

Bubble wrap or paper is probably one of the most well-known protective packaging solutions in the world. But did you know that it was originally designed to be wallpaper ? In 1957, two inventors, Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes, decided to create a new type of textured wallpaper. They achieved this by sealing two shower curtains together in a way that trapped a layer of air bubble between their surfaces. The idea never took off, but it gave rise to the creation of protective packaging commonly known as "bubble wrap" also called honeycomb film . Here are some examples of other interesting uses for bubble wrap.

1 - Bubble sleeping bag

Putting some bubble wrap under your sleeping bag can make your sleep deeper and feel more comfortable. It will also help keep you warm while sleeping outdoors by acting as an insulating layer on the ground.

Sleeping bag made with bubble wrap Sleeping bag made with bubble wrap

2 - Put Bubble Wrap on the windows as thermal insulation.

Bubble wrap is also known for its good insulating properties . If you are looking to reduce your heating bill this winter, a bubble blanket may be the solution. It is also very useful as an acoustic insulator and soundproofing the cabin.

Instructions :

  1. Cut a piece of bubble film the same size as the window to be insulated.
  2. Take a water spray bottle and apply a thin layer of water on the side of the glass that faces the interior of the home.
  3. Glue the cut out piece with the bubbles and place them facing outwards (towards you). Water, due to its binding properties, makes the paper adhere to the window glass.

Bubble wrap is one of the most popular options currently for insulating the house and other premises. It is also an economical option than other traditional thermal insulation. It can also be used to insulate greenhouses, attics and windows. The air film is composed of polyethylene and is a material available in different insulation options: single bubble or double bubble. For better result, sometimes this type of film is coated with pure aluminum foil which gives the reflective behavior. This insulation material does a very good job of maintaining temperature because the interior air acts as an insulator and helps resist temperature changes.

Bubble paper as window insulation for energy efficiency of the house Bubble paper as window insulation for energy efficiency of the house

3 - Insulator for hot or cold drinks

Wrap your drink in bubble wrap to keep it cool or warm , and also avoid freezing or burning your hand.

4 - Accessory for a Costume

If you are having a costume party and are looking for creative ideas for an original costume, a bubble cover can come in handy. It also makes a coat!

Dress made with bubble wrap Dress made with bubble wrap. Economic.

5 - Relief for tired feet

Cut out several layers of bubble wrap and use it as a shoe sole to help your feet rest after a hard day at work.

6 - Bubble Art

The bubble roll can also be used to create painting figures or signs. You can use different colors of paint and bubble sizes to have a more impressive result.

7 – Bubble wrap hat

Fresh from the hairdresser on a rainy day? No problem, get a small roll of bubbles and cut it into a hat shape with the help of scissors and tape. It is waterproof.

Hat made with bubble wrap Hat made with bubble wrap

8 – Bubble wrap curlers

Do you want to have beautiful curls without damaging your hair with heat? Use the bubble wrap as a hair roller. They are not only easy to apply, but also comfortable to sleep in.

bubble curlers bubble curlers

9 - Car steering wheel covered in bubbles

If you're stressed while driving, wrapping your steering wheel in bubble wrap can help you stay calm in traffic. Whenever you start to feel agitated, try relaxing by popping bubbles !

Anti-stress steering wheel covered in bubble wrap Anti-stress steering wheel covered in bubble wrap
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