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Nazarene Tunic Boxes

Box for Altar Boy Robes and Clothing

At Telecajas you can purchase these cardboard boxes with measurements indicated for Nazarene tunics or altar boy clothes, they are for 1 individual folded tunic

They can also be used to send costumes and dresses to brothers from brotherhoods and Holy Week processions,

Thanks to their external measurement size of 45x35x07 cm, they are also indicated as: Box for priestly Alb, box for costalero's clothing, box for altar boy's roquette

2 colors to choose from: Brown or White Kraft cardboard

Ecological recycled and 100% recyclable. They are self-assembling die-cut boxes manufactured in Spain with high quality reinforced corrugated cardboard material.

cardboard boxes Nazarene and altar boy clothes

You can buy them online here:

Brown box size for a Nazarene or altar boy tunic
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