Donde encontrar cajas de cartón

Places to find free Cardboard Boxes

Probably, on some occasion you have needed cardboard boxes and have wondered where to get free ones for your move or parcel shipments without "spending a dime." Also at the end of the article you will find alternative site options that can sometimes be convenient.

Where to find free cardboard boxes?

We list these five main places to get them, but there may be many more, good luck with your search!

Industrial estates

Come one morning with your car to search any industrial area on the outskirts of your city, you will see trucks unloading merchandise on pallets and also many empty cardboard boxes (which on days when there is no rain they leave at street level) while the companies are unpacking the goods that will be stored neatly inside the warehouses.

Normally these boxes end up in the waste paper recycling bin so they may not mind if you take a few.


Shopping Centers have many stores with continuous entry and exit of merchandise . Normally this is done in special areas for this and at a specific time.
Some security or staff can tell you how to get boxes without having to pay and while you're at it, you can take a short walk through the stores, to take away the stress of moving, because there's nothing like shopping for that!


You can go to the nearest grocery store to ask if they will save any supplier boxes they have.

Sometimes you are lucky and “Antonio” has a stack of boxes of worms that he has saved “just in case” it rains and he has to put them as a doormat.
If you are going to make a move and you expect him to supply you for the entire house, I recommend that you do it in the low season, because if not, any other neighbor may have also asked him (and before!), for the boxes from him and then you can enter into tension and emotional and physical exhaustion by going every hour to see if Antonio's supplier has come to leave provisions and get ahead of the 5th.


In these stores they also usually have cardboard boxes for free , although some are stained, or smell like vegetables, but there are always some that are saved.

Ask someone on staff and they will be able to guide you; They are usually very nice!

Neighborhood stores: Bakeries, tobacconists, pharmacies, bookstores...

Another place where you can find cardboard boxes is in these small neighborhood stores. In this case, these boxes smell good and are large, although a little flimsy, because bread, tobacco or medicines do not need very strong packaging, since this merchandise is usually light in weight.

Sometimes we need boxes for our move, but where do we get them?

Where to buy cardboard boxes?

If, on the other hand, you don't want to get dizzy searching, asking for favors, leaving the measurements of the boxes to chance, there is an alternative to where to find free cardboard boxes and that is by purchasing them in other places such as many packaging and cardboard box stores that solve quickly:

Packaging websites

These days you can find a multitude of online packaging websites and cardboard boxes on the internet.

You will see many that are informative. They are usually manufacturers that do not sell to the private public. You have to look for those that have a website and ship to both individuals and companies.

Here you can find: wide variety of boxes measures and sizes.

Be careful! There are companies in the sector that set a low price and in the small print “from” because it means purchasing a large number, not from a unit or a pack.

It is important that you do tests, add products to the cart and see what it costs you per unit or pack, VAT and transportation. These are two very important factors to take into account, since you can be very scared when you reach the pay button.
Try to find packaging and box websites that are transparent and make prices clear from the beginning. They provide confidence and it is an indication that they are what they promise.

Where can I find large cardboard boxes? If you only find small boxes that don't fit your belongings, well, what are we going to tell you...the website we recommend is TeleCajas , they send them to your home comfortably .


El Corte Inglés of the Internet , where you find everything that exists.

There is a huge offer, boxes of all sizes, qualities and almost infinite uses.

It's a bit dizzying, but you can find very interesting offers.

This does not mean that they are all of good quality, but you also find brands that sell both on their websites and on this platform and the reviews are an important support when making a decision.

Look at the shipping costs, the place of manufacture and make sure you don't get caught out.

Physical stores

There are usually few of them since cardboard takes up a lot of space and requires large storage spaces. But searching on Google maps you may find one close to your location.

Summary Table: Places to get Cardboard Boxes

Where to Find Cardboard Boxes Advantages Disadvantages
Industrial Estates Free Humidity, Different sizes
Supermarkets Free Odors, Stains
neighborhood stores Free Scarcity, Weak
online websites Convenience, Wholesale price Cost
amazon Security, Fast shipping Cost
Physical stores Check Product Cost

I hope this post has been helpful to you and if you have any more ideas about where to find or get free cardboard boxes, write it in the comments to help more people who, like you, want to find cardboard boxes and not die trying.

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