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What is the difference between Cardboard and Corrugated Cardboard?

Paperboard is a term that refers to paper pulp hot-pressed into thick sheets. Depending on the quality of the pulp, the ratio of fresh fiber pulp to recycled pulp and the thickness of the pressed pulp, there are various qualities of paperboard.

What is Cardboard Paper?

This box is made with white cardboard paper
Cardboard is a resistant material made of kraft paper pulp without corrugations, which is not used for shipping heavy or large objects, but for small products with a beautiful presentation. Printing designs on this type of cardboard usually looks better due to its soft and flat texture. There is cardboard in a wide range of colors: white, black, etc. If the box does not have corrugated paper, that is, paper with corrugations between the papers, then this type of material is usually called "Cardboard." It resembles thicker cardboard.

What is Corrugated Cardboard?

This box shows the interior corrugations of the paper.
Corrugated or corrugated cardboard also called corrugated or corrugated (ridges), is an additional process in which three or more sheets of paper (virgin kraft or semi kraft or perhaps recycled) are glued together in a specific way to form a wave of corrugated paper. Corrugated cardboard is a much more resistant material than cardboard and paper, and has two main components: the support and the middle, that is, kraft paper layer-corrugated paper layer-kraft paper layer
"All corrugated boxes can be cardboard boxes, but not all Cardboard Boxes are corrugated."
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