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How to organize your shoes in boxes step by step?

Addicted to shoes? Are many of you family members? Do you have heels of all colors that you wear from time to time and you don't know where to put them or how to store them? Overwhelmed? And I speak in feminine because shoe fever is something that attacks us. In boys and gentlemen it is easier. It makes us feel good, powerful, beautiful and desired. And if they are tall or very tall models, I won't even tell you! Sometimes I find myself truly obsessed with these measurements. Well… I am one of them. I recognize it! That's why I get the passion when I talk about heels or sandals with rhinestones (my favorites).

Sort your shoes with special boxes step by step

So, like everything that is loved in life, care is necessary and essential so that the affection is two-way. With your footwear (both daily and ceremonial) it will not be less.

8 powerful reasons that will make you sign up for order in your shoes.

  1. Shoes that are well stored, packed and clean without an accumulation of boxes on top (so that they do not become deformed and crushed) and well classified last longer. Yes. What you hear. And the reasons are diverse. Because they don't get dust, humidity and/or bugs. And this is the first thing you should attend to so that they last a long time. When you are going to stack, organize or store it, first clean all the dirt and debris that you bring from the street with a damp cloth soaked in neutral soap. Your most special shower gel is worth it, you don't have to buy a specific product. Then wrap them in tissue paper (or another type as long as it is white or colorless) or in the bags that manufacturers put in boxes for travel. Yes, I accept it, you are right. Those only come in good shoes, but, if you have them, these suedes are the best options.
  2. Clutter gets on your nerves. How do you hear it! Hasn't it happened to you that you're trying to find something, you spend half an hour opening boxes and you end up in a bad mood? Well, you know: it's good for your health to stick to order. I think this reason is more than powerful to roll up your sleeves and get to work.
  3. When you have your shoes sorted, you know what you have… What? That you always know what you have. Are you sure? Hasn't it ever happened to you that the wedding of the century is in sight, that you don't know what to wear on your feet and in your closet there was the ideal outfit for the occasion? No? Me. Especially with ceremonial or lightly used heels. Also try to classify them by type: special events on the top shelves of the closet (due to little use). Below you put the ones about going out frequently. And at eye level you should put your everyday ones (whether heels or low sneakers). At the bottom, place the boots, ankle boots or sports shoes. It's not worth everything piled up meaninglessly.
  4. The order decorates. As you hear it. There is nothing more terrible than an upside-down closet. This is how mine looks now, but I have to apply all these tips here first and foremost. However, with these tricks that I give you below, you will not only have your shoes filed and perfectly organized, you will also make your dressing room look tremendously beautiful or the closet or the room that you have left for this purpose. Proof! The result can be quite a surprise!
  5. And now there's more, if you don't have room in your closet, with these ideas you can leave a space in any area (under the stairs, a space in the living room, a corner and store your shoes there. Even more so, if you're clever and you are able to decorate the boxes (with paint or paper), what are you waiting for to leave them even in the entrance hall? It is a nice idea and says a lot about you and your hobbies.
  6. Order saves. What have you realized reading the above? When you see all your models perfectly stacked and ordered by color, height, season or occasion, surely you won't say that I'm missing a shoe for this or that. They are there, clean, orderly and saying get me out on the street!
  7. With order and rational classification it is easier to come out together because you only have to take a look at your place and those red heels or those leopard boots that you had forgotten will immediately jump out at you. Don't always go out with the same thing! You already know that bold, pretty shoes that say something about you fix any outfit. And it is the best way to stand out and make your good dress noticed.
  8. If you are lucky enough to have bought brand name shoes, when you get tired of them or understand that you are not going to use them much more, you can sell them on second-hand online sites. In this case it is very important that they are in very good condition, stored and classified. We return to the beginning. The Blahnik (a luxury, I know), Jimmy Choo or Ferragamo can be sold in specialized stores (especially in the United States) that support a high customer demand. That is, they are an investment. Sometimes, much more than a pension plan because of the pleasure they give and the return on spending. So this is another idea for your future: invest in shoes. Another option is bags, but that's for another day.

Have I convinced you?

I hope so because now we are going to get down to business and roll up our sleeves with these tips to store your shoes in the best possible way and make them your most precious asset. Save your shoes step by step so that they last, decorate and help you go out divinely on the street every day.
  1. The first thing is that you get some shoe boxes that are all the same and uniform. This is how that cosmic and beautiful order that I have explained to you above will look like. You will be surprised, but there are already specialized companies with an online store that have this product at a more than competitive price. They are also easy to assemble and very resistant to transfers, moving and knocks.
  2. Continue with the cleaning process and removing remains of dirt. Before storing them or carrying out any operation, you must let them dry if they are damp. Give the leather ones a special polish to give them shine and wrap them in tissue paper. Those made of fabric or with decorative beads only need a review with a damp cloth and neutral soap. I repeat: do not spend money. Your favorite gel also works for shoes. Place them perfectly without creases or scratches. Put tissue paper in the gap where your foot would be so that they do not deform and last a long time. Try to conserve and save the cartons that came with the boots when you bought them and use them for seasonal change storage. This way you prevent the rod from deforming during the summer when you don't use them.
  3. Then put them in these special boxes that I mentioned before. If the shoes are brand name or very good, you should not throw away the originals or the elements that come with them (bags, accessories, security labels, etc.). You have to keep that. Remember what I told you before about the investment: good heels or fashionable sandals. It is much easier to sell them when you have all these accessories than if you only have the footwear itself. They are an additional guarantee of authenticity, like original tickets or bags. Think about all this when buying.
  4. Classify them with a red marker. There are certain basic data that you must enter: height (sneakers, heels, wedges, platforms), color or colors, material (leather, fabric, beads...), occasion (ceremony, daily...), season and some other notes (comfortable, They rub, they feel divinely...). You can also take a photo of them and print it. You don't need to have equipment at home. There are companies that take your cell phone images on paper. Paste them on the box, in the most visible part. So with a simple glance you know what's inside.
  5. The best option is to get a shelf with shelves to organize your shoes. This way they don't pile up too much and you don't run the risk of damaging them with the weight of those on top. If it can't be, try not to pile too much. Just three or four boxes lined up at once. Otherwise, you risk being left without a collection. The shoe boxes sold by specialized companies will help you provide uniformity and a touch of distinction. They are cheap and very easy to obtain via the Internet. Finish off with some balls or scent bags that perfume while eliminating moisture.

And finally…

You're an artist? If so, dare to paint and decorate the boxes and leave them anywhere in the house. It even works in the living room. What do you say?
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