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Moving as therapy to get out of the comfort zone

An unorthodox definition of what the comfort zone means

You've heard of the comfort zone , right? The term is in vogue. And it is even a trendy word on social networks . It has entered, along with resilience, emotional eating or toxic people, into our daily vocabulary. And it seems to stay. As is common when a new (or not so new) concept is installed in our lives, sometimes it is not used in the correct way. Because the comfort zone, contrary to what the word may seem, does not indicate comfort or a being so completely at ease that it may seem that we have reached nirvana. Point in a totally different direction. We have to define the comfort zone as that space (psychic or emotional) in which you find yourself and you do not dare to move or modify for different reasons. It is the place where you have settled and prevents you from evolving either towards happiness, towards the achievement of your dreams, towards freedom or towards maturity. The comfort zone ties you to customs, a space and a way of seeing the world that does not allow you to change. It is understood that for the better. The reasons why you may find yourself stuck to this location are multiple. You may be gripped by fear or paralyzed by laziness or procrastination . That is, leaving for tomorrow what you can do today. The last thing it means, therefore, is that you are comfortable, good or in line with your spirit. In the comfort zone you may be suffering terrible situations: from emotional or physical abuse of all kinds to unacceptable emotional situations. If you find yourself there it is because it is what you know and you do not dare to change. The comfort zone is, to give examples from everyday life, what prevents you from following a diet to fight overweight or obesity. It is what makes it impossible for you to leave a relationship that does not satisfy you (it does not have to be toxic either). It is what stops you from achieving your dreams (usually out of fear). It is the one that whispers to you that why are you going to learn English at your age. It's the one that chases you saying that it's not worth changing . Have you seen how dangerous the comfort zone can be? It simply doesn't let you be happy.

Don't be afraid to move house or country, the worst that can happen is that you learn many things

Leave your comfort zone now! We give you some ideas!

It goes without saying that depending on the attachment you have to this location, it will be so difficult to get out of this truly vicious circle . A person who has suffered a shock of whatever nature (but who is used to fighting for their goals) is not going to be the same as someone who abandons themselves to their fate. Do not do it! Life is too short to go through it like lumps dragged on the airport conveyor belt. And the comfort zone is your greatest enemy. You can not? So, you have to start with a routine and impose it step by step until you take the final leap that gives you confidence in yourself. Write down these 10 ideas :

1.- Mark your objective clearly . What do you want to do? Leave a relationship that doesn't satisfy you? To find a job? Go to the gym daily? Learn that language that you have been wanting to do since you were a teenager? Whatever it is, clearly set the goal in your head.

2.- Write down that objective clearly on different cards . Hey! Yellow slips of paper are not worth it. Buy a large cardstock and do calligraphy. Make it look good, the objective deserves it.

3.- Place those beautiful posters that you have made in the places you frequent . Do you watch too much TV and that prevents you from doing something outside the home? Do you make too many visits to the refrigerator? Do you lock yourself in the bathroom to ruminate on sadness? Well, right there you put these notices that you have prepared.

4.- Get going as soon as possible . It costs a lot, but it has to be done. The first day a quarter of an hour, the second the same, the third twenty minutes, the fourth half an hour and the fifth and the sixth. Don't skip too many days. Don't give yourself much respite. The truce is the great friend of the comfort zone that prevents you from evolving.

5.- Be constant . Consistency is the only secret of successful people. Neither luck nor talent can replace a work routine in any sense. It is the path that leads directly to sure success.

6.- Ask for help when your strength falters. Involve someone in your inner circle about your goals and don't be afraid to express your weaknesses. Social networks are also valid but be careful! Don't be constantly complaining about your unwillingness to leave a comfort zone. You also risk running out of friends (whether online or offline).

7.- If you feel weak, join a support group . You can't even imagine the people who share interests that exist on the Internet! Don't be ashamed.

8.- Take the leap. Don't be afraid . Do it. When you feel strong or on a sunny day, dare to leave that comfort zone that prevents you from personal fulfillment.

9.- Don't turn back once you get going . If at any time you feel that you are not moving forward, think that this is the break for the final push. Keep going. Come back here and reread this. You deserve it.

10.- Think at all times (whatever point you are in) that your life is yours and that you deserve to live it in the best way possible . Don't listen to the siren songs of people who you know don't love you well or who are motivated by interest. Listen to your heart. You know that you have been in a comfort zone that prevented you from progressing. And I speak in the past tense because if you have come this far you have been able to achieve all or part of your objectives. It is difficult, but the effort (due to the results and the path achieved) is worth it.

Go ahead and get out of your comfort zone.

And what if you prepare a move to leave your comfort zone?

And now I propose something totally new: a complete change of scenery . In the vast majority of cases, people who are trapped in a comfort zone that makes them unhappy are also tied to a specific location . It can be a particular house, a neighborhood or a city . Sometimes, moving to another floor or to another area is much easier than it seems. It is simply a matter of considering it and carrying it out without fear, without haste and with perseverance. The change will be worth it for these reasons:

1.- You will feel that you have left behind what tied you down .

2.- It allows you to get out of the routine and make yourself see that you can do it. It will raise your self-esteem .

3.- It is an opportunity to leave behind those people who are in your life and who do not contribute anything to you.

4.- And what about new friendships ? The same thing there are those people who add (in any sense) and do not subtract from your life.

5.- It forces you to put your brain in motion. You have to look for new places to shop, to walk, to drink coffee.

6.- A new house is the best way to clean in the literal sense of the term. Give away, sell (it's very easy online) or recycle (in the appropriate containers) what you don't need.

7.- At the same time, it is a good exercise in introspection . Why don't you get some good moving boxes? You can find them on the internet at a competitive price. You decorate them and in them you keep what does contribute to your life. They can be photos, a school book or a special outfit. Think that it is your new life but that does not mean that you have to cut off everything positive.

8.- In this post we give you some ideas to decorate your new home with cardboard boxes. You will feel that your life is flowing, that the past is there but that you are giving a new opportunity to your passage through this world.

9.- Let the light enter your new house . Put a decoration to your liking . Illuminate warmly and let the light filter through the windows. Whether it's a large or small space, flood it with color and joy . Don't overload it with useless things.

10.- Don't stay in your brand new home. Go to the street. Look for new friends (help yourself with online applications). Talk to the neighbors . Let it be known that you live there. Reflect on your old comfort zone and make a work of art with your new home and your new life. This move is going to become the beginning of your new life .

A move calmly, without rushing, without running away, with reflection is the best way to leave that comfort zone where you don't feel happy.
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