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What is a cardboard box for you?

For us, a cardboard box IS NOT A BOX , as reflected in the Faktoría K illustrated album of Kalandraka books that we adore.

A box is a way to organize chaos.

  • It is a solution to small space.
  • And the process of good organization

…But it is also:
  • A child's game!
child's play
  • An exciting future plan
boxes marked for moving
  • A valuable memory of the past
hat box
  • And a thoughtful renewal of the present
label boxes
  • It is a response to not knowing how?
sheep box
  • And a question: where will it be?
  • It is a calming lair
  • It's a hopeful better world
A cardboard box is much more than a box...and for you, what is a box?

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